ScoreCarts is a retail intelligence firm committed to providing real time retail and brand research solutions. First of its kind in the Middle East, we built this firm to revolutionize the regions’ consumer durables industry. Our aim is to help CPG brands stay abreast with the market pulse to optimize marketing strategies, distribution models, and inventory management

In this digital age, quicker access to relevant data translates to an increase in the bottom line. ScoreCarts offers custom reports to cater to all your brand’s needs; with the syndicated efforts of our field agents, mystery shoppers and our analysts we bring to you targeted actionable in-store insights.

The retail market is constantly evolving, and with fierce competition, it is imperative for brands, to now more than ever rely on real time data that provides impetus for not just sales growth, but to cut costs, and seize opportunities.

The purpose of ScoreCarts is two-fold: First, to help FMCGs understand their product’s shelf behavior, and second, to offer the shoppers another simple and fast channel to generate extra income

  • Value

    We believe in providing valuable insights for brands to improve their presence on shelf and to be able to create an impact at every single retailer and store in the region

  • Time

    Whether you’re a brand operating in the region or abroad, it is crucial to have a real time understanding of what is happening across the market. Data including both analysis and market reality will dictate effective planning and executions

  • Simplicity

    While many brands have several data and reports to go through and deduce analysis from, we offer simplified and dynamic analysis, tailored for every brand enabling you to easily identify the major components to focus on.

  • Trends

    With our fast moving and changing way of consuming and interacting with brands, it has become essential to acquire real-time information and have the flexibility to adapt quickly and efficiently based on accurate actionable insights.

Message from our CEO

From the beginning of ScoreCarts’ establishment in 2018, with uncompromising integrity and under the motto of "Delivering Information”, has strived to create solutions and technologies that provide value to our customers. ScoreCarts is focusing on leveraging its strengths in research and digital technologies, to promote digital transformation to change our lives and businesses for the better, and to offer solutions for our markets that increase the sophistication of digital solutions and services that are essential to our society. In ScoreCarts we aim to continuously be a solution provider to various businesses and industries that strategically designs and develops innovative solutions tailor-made for each requirement. We hold great value in each partnership made with our customers and this is a major driving force in our people-centric values.

  • It’s not just about making ourselves global, it’s about truly making a change and a difference in people’s and brand’s lives, that’s why we do ScoreCarts

    Aya Arab

    CEO & Founder