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Our focus is on bringing you the latest and fastest Retail analysis for your brands and products

  • pro_avail

    Product Availability

    Find out if all your products are available and how big is your shelf space

  • distribution


    Check if all your products are widely distributed across all retailers

  • Competition


    Know how your competitors are performing and stay up to date with their activities.

  • displays


    Check if all your displays are properly executed and whether they match your activity calendar and campaigns.

  • promotion


    Find out what promotions are currently running in your category.

  • pricing


    Check if your products have correct price tags and pricings.

  • marketreality

    Market Reality

    Know market and category leaders and be better informed to create bigger impact at shelf level.


About ScoreCarts

ScoreCarts is a real-time retail and brand research solution with the aim of improving the relation between brands and their products on shelves. Our company entails dedicated agents and the crowd/shoppers as main vessel to acquire all in store insights and observations.

We built the company with two goals in mind, one being for servicing the brands and providing them with a deeper insight and connection with their products, and the second is to offer the crowd another simple and fast channel to generate extra income.

We want to build the bridge between consumers and the brands where both parties can benefit from our mission.

Unique benefits of ScoreCarts


Our systems and technologies have all been built using the most modern and advanced coding and analysis tools for a unique and exclusive experience

Latest Digital Technologies & Analytical Softwares


Having a built-in tracking feature, you are able to immediately get access to what’s currently happening in the market

Real Time Data


With just few simple clicks, you are able to analyze and evaluate your products performance

Fast & Reliable


Our Data goes through a series of extensive quality and control checks to ensure top notch results and analysis

Accuracy And Data


Transforming the way Retail Analysis is done by taking part of the digital era and online integration

New And Digital Method For Brand Research


Merging the latest in technology and softwares, our data collection and data analysis features offer fast, real-time, and unique set of answers to help you know your brands at a deeper level. We are your agents on the field, and our aim is to complete our mission.

In a Nutshell

How it works

We have combined our passion for research with our love for digital technologies using one to complement the other. Our system is built on two major platforms:


The Mobile

Our Mobile App has been tailor made to provide our agents and crowd with an easy to use and navigate App. The App includes customized surveys for each category, providing a wide range of questions aimed at covering all key insights at shelf level.

The Mobile App features:

  • Geo Location for accurate store locations
  • Easy Survey selections for each Category
  • Questionnaire Database
  • Custom Survey section
  • Profile Personalization

The Web Analytics

Our user-friendly system includes a customized dashboard for every brand. Our clients have the flexibility of selecting the type of analysis that they are interested in and easily extract and share reports. From looking at a particular store in an area to having an overlook at an entire retailer chain in a specific city, our filter system offers every brand a wide range of Analysis and Audits. Our website gets populated and updated every time a survey is submitted and our analysis tools ensure to provide every brand with all required Retail Insights and Results.

The Web Analytics features:

  • Dynamic and colorful charts and illustrations
  • Real time access to stores
  • Daily market visits reports
  • Geography coverage
  • Filtered results
  • Customized Surveys

Our International Clients

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