We understand that every brand has different needs and requirements for their products, for this we have created two main activities to serve all needs:


Customized Dashboard: Through our customized dashboard, Brands are able to log in daily to ScoreCarts and view their product’s on-shelf performance. The dashboard section has a summary of the overall brand health, and the analysis section has a more dynamic outlook where brands are able to choose the type of analysis best suited for them, to run through different charts and tables, export data, and create shortcuts for their search enquiries.

Custom Audits: For those who have a specific campaign running, or would like to ensure that their promotional activities are perfectly executed, or for those who would like to target a specific group of consumers and ask them direct questions, our custom survey feature offers a wide range of consumer insights to all brands. We give the flexibility and the variety of adding any specific type of questions, of narrowing your target audience to gender, age, nationality, area of residence, and most frequented stores, to adding images and videos, and to accessing the results in real-time using charts and dynamic illustrations.

Step By Step Process

  • Survey Creation

    Survey Creation

    Our audits are tailor made to every category available in stores, including multiple choice questions, and data entry allowing us to capture every bit of data at shelf level.

  • Real Time Data

    Collection of Real-Time Data

    The simplicity of our audits allow for fast and real-time collection of data, all of which is done through our agents and crowd sourcing.

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis and Reports

    Once the data is collected and validated, it is updated on your personalized dashboard with detailed customized dynamic charts for easy interpretation

Whether you’re looking for a long-term access to market reality or whether you’re interested for a short and specific task, we cater to all your needs.

Get in touch with us today and get an exclusive tour on how you can get access to your customized dashboard and how you are able to start creating your own audits.

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