How AI Eleminates Human Errors

November 17, 2021
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Mankind is prone to committing mistakes by nature, it's what makes us humans.
Mistakes are becoming more common in organizations, but human error in the domain of technology may be especially damaging and lengthy. As the virtual age gets more complicated, it becomes much more difficult to maneuver, and hence more unjust to blame individuals for their mistakes. Employees should be given as much assistance and support as feasible, but unfortunately, that’s often not the case.
That's where AI technology can make a difference. We currently utilize AI to ease our daily lives, depending on it to do anything from switching on lamps to streaming our favorite movies. However, by using AI technology in the corporate world, it can assist solve the two largest issues in the data world: reliability and accuracy.
Data reliability and accuracy are a big worry, and it is most certainly the primary concern for Brands working with data and insights. According to a study conducted with over 600 Brand Managers in the FMCG industry, 74% had doubts about the reliability of reports and 100% accuracy of insights gathered from the field. And, because manual data collection and daily field visits could be tedious and sometimes boring for the person specifically assigned for this task, traditional solutions are ineffective. AI solutions, on the other hand, can be trained and taught to respond flexibly and most importantly delivering 100% reliability and accuracy, eliminating human errors.

As always, ScoreCarts got your back covered in regards to the above with its pioneering Bella the AI technology that was specifically developed for the FMCG industry to assist brands in acquiring reliable and accurate data stream, instantly recognizing your SKUs, computing your share of shelf, and availability reports. You can find out more about Bella by dropping us a message in the Connect page.