When Daily Retail Audits Are An Absolute Necessity

February 21, 2022
OSA check audit Retail Audit KSA UAE

As we have operated with so many brands and niches, we can differentiate the necessity of the frequency of the retail audits, for some brands and products retail audits are just to monitor OSA & OOS and to keep things under control on shelf level, however, for other niches, the brand will be facing several obstacles, such as OSA, OOS, and for some products, shelf life.
The best example of this is when we have helped a local dairy brand, as our clients were desperately trying to keep up with market demand while simultaneously running against the clock as his products have a very short shelf life, which means that if they exceed the market’s demand and over-distribute, their products will simply expire on shelves, which was hugely impacting their overall revenue, and if they under-distribute, they will go low OSA and potentially OOS which will lead to their competitors getting a larger market share and can also cause consumer loyalty loss and potentially harm the brand's reputation.
So as we have started working on the project, we initiated with daily market visits and reporting live to the client’s dashboard, then we realized that even daily visits weren't enough for some retailers such as Carrefour & LuLu as they have a large consumer base which leads to the high demand that can easily cause a low OSA & OOS for brands that have no insight.
So after data analyses & reports studies, we decided that the best approach will be to increase the market visits frequency to twice a day, and within a week we have noticed a distinguishable difference in the brand’s OSA as it increased, and the decrease of the waste of the expired product. 
The more we work with different niches the more we learn and the more brands are willing to try new approaches the more they will be ahead of their competitors, with our experience working on this project and many other brands, we have learned that not all niches and products require the same audit frequency, and this project is the best example as it shows us that even if the product has a short lifespan, it also depends on which retailer you’re auditing as it also plays a huge role in understanding and improving your brand’s performance.