How Distribution-Caused OOS Occurs

February 03, 2022
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OOS occurrences are one of the most frustrating shopping experiences for both online and in-store consumers. Out-of-stock situations are often a source of disappointment and annoyance for retailers. They can result in lost sales and revenue, as well as wasted opportunities to connect with customers, and could cause significant harm to a retailer’s hard-earned reputation.
One of the major causes of OOS that many brands are facing is delayed shipment which in return causes low distribution and high out of stock shelves. Even though inventory management and restocking are more or less manageable, logistical issues aren’t always under control.
Retailers have recently faced a slew of supply chain issues, including enormous amounts of unloaded cargos containing products aboard ships awaiting docking at ports throughout the world. The pandemic is still impacting the global supply chain, from production to transportation and logistics, in addition to shipping.Likewise, a logistics provider's shipping report may show that a shipment is on its way to being delivered while it is really still being processed in a processing facility. When you multiply these issues by the millions of products that are supposed to be shipped to hundreds of retailers, you can see how vital precise logistics information is.
While it may appear unrealistic to completely eliminate out-of-stock situations, ScoreCarts has tools and services that can help you recognize when they occur, as well as prevent them from spreading to a bigger scale. 
ScoreCarts does this without requiring your warehouses to be overstocked or tapping into your operation. We have built AI and BI powered solutions to track and monitor the shelves and give us a detailed analysis of current brand performance in the market. Having fresh and daily market insights and shelves status is one of the essential tools for SKU inventory management and distribution route logistics.
Preventing and managing OOS scenarios not only boosts on shelve availability and sales but also strengthens customer loyalty and acquisition.