Know Each Retailer's Performance

January 03, 2022
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Because it's time to stop walking in the dark, to know which decision to take and be sure of the results of your decision
And, that’s completely easy, especially with all of the additional insights and real-time intel which you will gain access to. Brands MUST be aware of every store's performance on a regular basis to maintain ongoing growth in the retail industry.
Our clients used to manually compile each store’s performance reports, which took a lot of time, money & resources.
Our retailer performance dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of your OSA in physical locations across your operating areas.
This will give you the advantage of staying up to date and alert on how your partners are performing, so you can take the right action at the right time & the right place.
To keep ahead of the competition, it's becoming extremely important to identify your consumers’ preferences and purchasing patterns.
And as always, ScoreCarts got your back, with our real-time statistics displayed on your custom-made dashboard that will give you full access to all of your partners’ performance, if a single SKU goes missing from the shelf, you’ll get notified.