Why Brands MUST Update Their Planograms Regularly

March 03, 2022
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It is unfortunate to see brands losing a decent number of potential sales due to their outdated planograms. Brands should change their planograms at least 6 times a year, that’s every 2 months as there are many events that brands should take advantage of to increase their overall revenue, such as national holidays, seasons, religious events, and more...
When it comes to seasonal changes, consumers begin making varied purchases as they prepare for various weather conditions. A shopper is more likely to buy a cold soft drink & a menthol shampoo in the summer than in the winter, In the summer, while a brief temperature drop will sales of soups and hot cereals.
Studies have found a correlation between decreasing levels of sunshine with the decreased level of cold or cooling products purchases. This may seem self-evident, but knowing your consumers' purchasing patterns will set your brand apart from the competition.
Aside from weather changes, holidays also play a huge role in consumers’ behavior and purchase patterns, whether it’s a national holiday or a religious one, shoppers’ purchase pattern will change as they tend to buy products that will be used or included in the occurring holiday, studies have shown that purchase patterns are almost identical the year prior, summer will lead to cooling products sales increase, winter leads to warming products sales increase, holidays will lead to traditional products sales increase and so on.
If brands don’t take advantage of these occasions to change their planograms and set promotions, their competitors will. Brands can take the previous years’ consumer behavior and purchase pattern and set up a planogram based on that data, as when compared by year, they are almost identical, that in case it wasn’t affected by an economical change or a national and global event, just like we’ve seen with the pandemic.
Therefore, brands should be constantly changing their planograms based on seasons, events & holidays to stay relative and to reach their highest sales potential