The Importance of a Proper Planogram and How to Maintain it

January 19, 2022
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The goal of a planogram is to increase sales by ensuring that the Brand's portfolio is presented and placed effectively on shelves. It entails designating a specified number of facings and arranging SKUs according to a defined set of KPIs.
Improper merchandise positioning and arrangement is not only bad for brands, but it's also bad for consumers, who become frustrated and angry when they can't locate what they're looking for owing to disorganized shelves.
Unfortunately, the most significant issue with planograms is their implementation, many brands devote money, time, and resources into producing them, but they are rarely executed and implemented properly on the shelf, and the way to make sure your planogram is being followed is by conducting frequent retail audits, as they are the most effective technique for monitoring planogram compliancy.
They allow you, retailers, and merchandisers to streamline store monitoring and check planogram compliancy. Regular market visits are essential to ensure correct planogram execution. When your distributors and merchandisers know that someone from the Brand team is constantly checking on the shelves and gathering in-market information, planograms become more organized and implemented, and ensuring a good planogram has been shown to contribute up to 20% of the overall brand portfolio revenue, which is a significant impact purely from a good product arrangement on shelves.
ScoreCarts not only assists you in checking your shelf presence, but also in ensuring that your items are appropriately organized and that your planogram is properly executed and implemented. We conduct daily audits of over 5,000 stores and continuously report planogram compliancy status to a dynamic and personalized dashboard, where you can quickly view your planogram performance and see which merchants are complying and which are not.
We also take photos of the shelves since we believe that seeing is believing, and we compile them all into one easy-to-use and unified platform so that you can see all of your planograms at a glance.
Proper planograms are essential for any brand looking to dominate the category.